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Guest Information, Booking Terms & Conditions

Dear guests, during the duration of your stay, you will have exclusive use of the property and total privacy. As we are not in a position to supervise activity at the property, we ask you to ensure that the property is cared for by your guests. In proceeding with a booking, you confirm that you have read and agree to the following terms:


  • When booking accommodation only at Nirvana Vista Resort, only those persons who are paying guests at Nirvana Vista Resort are permitted at enter the property, unless prior permission is granted for other persons to enter the property. Exceptions are made for informal visitation by friends or family.


  • Only those persons who are paying guests are permitted to sleep over at the property, or use the facilities at the property, except by prior arrangement.


  • No unauthorised functions without prior arrangement with management are to be held at Nirvana Vista Resort involving other persons not booked in as guests. We are happy to discuss arrangements prior to the booking, if you would like to hold such a function.


  • The person making the booking agrees to indemnify the owners and management of Nirvana Vista Resort in respect to any damage or breakages during the stay, whether such damage is caused by themselves, or any other guest staying during the course of the booking. Whilst the cost of cleaning is included in the booking fee, we reserve the right to charge an additional fee if unusual and substantial cleaning issues arise following your stay.


  • Nirvana Vista Resort shall not be liable for any loss or damage to guest’s property during the duration of your stay.


  • No outside fires or fireworks are permitted, because of the danger of house and grass fires, without prior approval. Guests assume liability for all damage and destruction if outside fires or fireworks lead to property damage.


  • When vacating the property at the end of the booking, guests agree to turn off all lights, fans, air conditioners and other electrical items, close and lock all doors and windows, and turn on the alarm system with the code provided by management prior to the booking. When leaving the property at the end of the booking, guests agree to lock the combination lock on the front gate so that the property is secure.


  • WATER AND ELECTRICAL ISSUES –  The water for taps and toilets will not work if there is a power failure. If there is any problem with power, first check if a circuit has tripped in the electrical power box located on the side wall of the house near the pool pump. If still a problem, call Dennis  on - 0409461711.  You may also call Austgrid in case of power loss on 131 388.



  • REFUND POLICY – When a deposit is paid to confirm a booking, we turn away all other persons interested in those dates. In the event of cancellation of a booking, any deposits paid are refunded in the event that management have been able to secure a replacement booking. If 3 months notice of cancellation is provided, the deposit will be automatically refunded.

  • SAFETY – We endeavour to provide a safe environment for our guests. However, there are substantial inherent risks associated with staying at a rural property, such as undulating ground, wild life, stairs and steps etc. Guests agree that they assume those risks, both obvious and unknown when they enter the property.


  • As Nirvana Vista Resort is a self contained accommodation property, management are not present on the property to supervise and ensure that guests are safe at all times. The safety of guests in those circumstances is assumed by the guests themselves. Guests agree to supervise children in their care, and assume all risk in respect to their safety whilst attending the property.


  • Guests agree to walk through and inspect the property on their arrival, and immediately report any maintenance or safety issues to management for their immediate attention. Such reports may be made to Dennis mobile number -    0409 461 711 Management agree to immediately act to deal with reported safety issues. In the absence of such prior report at the commencement of your stay, guests agree to indemnify the owners and managers of Nirvana Vista Resort in respect to any claims arising from any accident or injury during your stay at Nirvana Vista Resort.


  • If on your arrival you have any questions or concerns in respect to maintenance, safety, or supplies at the property, we encourage you to contact Dennis so that we may immediately act to rectify the circumstance to your satisfaction. Your feedback is appreciated.


  • The person making the booking agrees to communicate these terms and conditions to their guests who attend the property during the term of the stay. A copy of these terms are in the entrance to the homestead.


  • Our commitment to our guests is to do all we can to ensure that their stay is pleasant and successful for all guests.



Dennis Stewart,


P 0409 461 711


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